The Elliott Software Systems' Headmaster™ School Administrative Software effectively ties together the three legs of the school triangle:  administration, the class room, and the parents. By providing access to relevant student information at each level, The Headmaster bridges the communication gap between families and schools.  The Headmaster also helps teachers and administrators to communicate more effectively, resulting in a better education for the student.

The Headmaster™ runs on Windows® Operating Systems 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003, and XP, and on Macs™ using Soft Windows®. The Headmaster runs on handheld computers!

Supported Networks Include:  Novell™, Windows®, and Linux™.

See what The Headmaster can do for your school!

This is the standard interface that makes all of The Headmaster's subsystems available to a school.  Click the button to tour The Headmaster.

This is a customizable menu available to all of the staff in a Headmaster school.  It provides quick access to all the tools a staff member needs with a single menu.  Click the button to take a look!

Each Headmaster school web page is equipped with the ability to show parents the academic progress of a student, as well as any other Headmaster data the school chooses (for example: menus, account balances, attendance, activity calanders, homework, etc.).  Click the button to tour a sample Headmaster school web page.

Below are some demonstrations and tutorials.  See some of the features of the Headmaster in action.his is a customizable menu available